The Axium Difference


At Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Inc., we believe in a better quality of life for patients and their healthcare partners when treating and managing the most complex conditions. We believe in relationships that make life easier, and where a helping hand and better clinical, economical, and overall health outcomes are always within reach, 24 x 7 x 365.


Our Mission and Vision
Our mission is simple. We aim to partner with and guide our patients to their best possible outcomes. Our longstanding vision is to help our patients and healthcare providers reach and create a better path to treating and managing complex conditions, making their lives easier and giving them hope for a healthier future.

Specialty pharmacy is not a new concept. In fact, Axium did not invent specialty pharmacy. But, we did invent a better way to do it. We do it through a combination of clinical expertise, nationwide reach and the delivery of committed, caring, unmatched service and support for everyone, every time with no excuses. And, we’ve been doing it for years.

We invite you to ask us what we can do for you. Our answer to you will almost always be: “Yes, we do.”

Partners in Care
Established in 2000 and based in Lake Mary, Florida, Axium is a nationwide clinical specialty pharmacy that makes life easier for those managing chronic disease and complex therapies by offering a helping hand and a better path to therapy management. We are licensed and permitted to operate in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and specialize in providing patients, physicians, nurses, health plans, and other health care providers and partners with injectable and oral brand-name products. Our focus is to “Improve outcomes one relationship at a time,” and we achieve this through an experienced patient care team of doctors of pharmacy, registered nurses, reimbursement specialists, and dedicated patient care coordinators; all of whom deliver the highest level of comprehensive care and clinical support with every prescription.

Specialty Products +Personalized Guidance + Unmatched Expertise = Improved Outcomes

Axium is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and our Lake Mary Florida pharmacy is accredited by URAC for Specialty Pharmacy.

For years, we have been a trusted, helping hand to thousands of patients and their healthcare providers with the following treatments, programs and tools for managing chronic conditions and making life simpler: