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As a healthcare payer, your goals are twofold: to provide and the best possible healthcare options for your plan members with chronic and complex conditions, while ensuring that costs remain under control

At Axium, we believe that better care + better cost savings = better outcomes for payers and plan members. And, we help you deliver just that!

payers-graphicHow? We provide clinically-effective and cost-efficient disease-specific management programs that are both patient and physician-friendly. Axium’s proprietary Visions™ programs are designed to manage the intricacies of disease-specific specialty drug therapy including appropriateness, compliance and adherence, therapy and case management and cost control. We’re also an extension of your member services team: we offer a helping hand to your members 24x7x365 all throughout their courses of treatment, as well as education, guidance and training from dedicated Patient Care Coordinators, licensed pharmacists and clinicians.

The end result? Through our comprehensive programs, Axium reduces the cost of specialty medications and drug waste, reduces your financial burden and maximizes member satisfaction, thereby improving outcomes and helping you to achieve your goals.

We invite you to ask us what we can do for you. Our answer to you will most always be:
Yes, we do.” 
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We work with you as an extension of your member services team making yours and your members’ lives easier and more cost-efficient.

When you partner with Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, you receive many helpful benefits:

  • Find a partner you can trust with our clinical intervention cost savings guarantee.
  • Optimize cost containment: we provide aggressive AWP discounts, limited distribution drugs and biosimilar and rebate management.
  • Ensure appropriate utilization by employing clinical guidelines, prior authorization, step therapy, and formulary management.
  • Reduce costs with compliance and adherence interventions designed to optimize patient outcomes and minimize negative consequences.
  • Gain access to reimbursement support, patient assistance programs and flexible billing.
  • Tap into sophisticated data analytics and business intelligence at the individual, group and aggregate level.
  • Receive therapy-specific patient education including in-person training
  • Lower utilization of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services.
  • Free access to Axium’s OnePlace prescription therapy management portal for patients and healthcare professionals: track patient adherence, refills, deliveries and labs—online, anytime!

We offer disease specific support for the following conditions: